Simple Web Hosting Guide for Beginners


If you have a business, you pretty much know that it is essential for you to you showcase your brands online. If you have a storage room for your products in a physical store, web hosting will be your storage for the information you need to show over the web. Everything that your target market sees in your website is stored with the help of a web hosting service.

There are different kinds of hosting that you can avail. There’s free hosting that is great if you are putting up a website for fun. Most websites that do not have critical needs can be supported with free hosting. Usually a free hosting is quite slow and the site can be down frequently as the capacity is limited. You may need to cater advertising banners which are automatically added to the website. That’s why you often see web hosting that are paid. The good thing with a paid hosting as you’ll read from ipage hosting reviews is that there is an online support that can be there to guide you through and the connection speed is faster compared to free service.

You may also choose to use a shared hosting ipage review. You can share a specific server with other companies or website owners. In this type of hosting you also share the software applications used within the server. This makes the hosting more affordable for the group because all the members equally share the cost for the service in general.

If you want to have a faster performance for your website, you can choose a dedicated hosting service. You don’t have to share the service with other website owners, which means that you get to use all the server’s resources to yourself. Although you may need to pay for the service on your own, this type of hosting can provide higher security level.

For very large companies, you can choose to purchase your own server. This is called a collocated hosting. In this type of service, you get to have the server and all its resources on your own. You also are responsible for the function of the server itself. If there are troubles within the server, you need to have your own people to help you fix the issues. This is actually an advantages because you have a full control of the web server entirely. If there are scripts or applications that you need, you can install them on your own.


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